Will this be the year?


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I’m sure I‘m not alone in finding myself at this point, following the celebrations of Christmas and the anticipation of the New Year, reflecting on the year gone by and what is to come in the next.

Every year my husband and I get together around this time in the corner of a cosy pub with a glass of wine & pint of real ale and literally draw a spider diagram detailing all of the things we are grateful to God for during the previous year in our lives and those around us– in years gone by this has included weddings, engagements, babies, houses bought, new jobs, making new friends, good times with old friends and so on (you get the picture).

But as we head towards our usual planned evening of thankfulness I feel a lot of emotion and am aware that if I had to describe this year in one word it would be ‘hard’.

For me personally I’ve experienced burn out at work, and ongoing repercussions of experiencing such high levels of stress over a long period of time (although thank God I’m a long way from that exhausted, desperate Social Worker and person I was at the beginning of 2015). However, more importantly for me I’m deeply aware that for some people very close and important to me, 2015 has been truly awful and they are utterly desperate to put it and all it’s hurt, pain and suffering behind them.

So what are my hopes and intentions for the New Year? I’m not going to lie, there’s some superficial ones in there (lose a bit of weight, replace some of my old worn out items of clothing, finish the building work on our home…). I’d quite like to distress some more furniture and I even want to blog more!!! Will this be the year I actually keep some of my new year’s resolutions?!

But my prayer above all else is for God’s protection and grace over us, and those nearest & dearest to me.

I’m praying for healing, for freedom, for hope, for redemption, for blessing, for MIRACLES in the lives of those around me. I’m praying to my Heavenly Father who I know can do all this. Will this be the year they experience Him and see all He is and all He can do, with their very own eyes and hearts? I will wait with expectation and hopefulness to see what the year holds.

So goodbye 2015 and all the complicated feelings and events you brought with you – here’s to the new year, to new hopes and dreams, to more adventures and joy, to knowing Jesus more and all that will mean.